Jesus taught his disciples to be open to others, even when they were radically different people.

St. Andrew’s commitment to service reaches beyond the boundaries of our church family.  Whether it be providing food for the hungry, housing for the homeless, school supplies for children, or fostering goodwill among people of different faiths and beliefs in the farthest corners of the globe, reaching out and ministering to those in need means that we, as individuals and as a parish, are living our faith and sharing with others the importance of Christ in our lives.

Our Outreach program has a long history of giving to others, and our parishioners are called in many ways to do God’s work.  You are invited to become an active member of our ministry to others.  Whether through a commitment of time, talent or treasure, you will find a variety of opportunities from which you can choose to serve.

Global Ministries

There are several global outreach ministries supported by our parish, including: Carpenter’s Kids, El Hogar Ministries, and support of brothers and sisters throughout the Holy Land and the Diocese of Jerusalem. We believe in building relationships with others in order to create a healthy, spiritual, and peaceful world.


Community Ministries

We are partners with a number of local organizations of organizations.  They include: Samaritan Ministry, Ecumenical Community Helping Others (ECHO), Fairfax Area Christian Emergency Transitional Services (FACETS), Hypothermia Prevention Response Program, Transitional Housing Programs, and English as a Second Language for those neighbors from other countries (ESOL).   At. St. Andrew’s, we believe in supporting our community with compassionate respect for all.


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