Community Ministries

St. Andrew’s is a founding partner with some of these organizations and has been long-committed to supporting these local agencies – and our neighbors. We can always use someone to teach English and American culture to the stranger among us, to shop for or prepare a meal for hungry neighbors, or provide shelter. Might you consider giving your time – and yourself – to one of these outreach efforts? 
Hypothermia Prevention

St. Andrew’s is hosting our annual Hypothermia Prevention Program from January 28 – February 4, 2024. During this week, we will welcome approximately 35 guests each night and provide them with food, fellowship, and shelter.

Many volunteer slots will need to be filled in order to make this week a success.

We also need donated items. Any donation is greatly appreciated and can be dropped off on the brick ledge across from the Church Office. Please mark all donations with “Hypothermia Program.” We are ready to receive donations now through February 2nd but prefer to receive them in late January.

Click here for our updated list of needed items and when to drop them off.

Ecumenical Community Helping Others (ECHO)

ECHO operates with an all-volunteer staff to help those in our Burke-Springfield community who are struggling in long-term poverty or who have an overwhelming emergency that they cannot handle alone.  Supported by 25 religious congregations, various community organizations, and individuals, ECHO is committed to making our neighbors’ hardships more manageable. Trained counselors provide family guidance and counseling to help the individual or family overcome their difficulties in the longer term.

We collect clothing and household items, donate school supplies, conduct an annual food drive, and prepare and deliver Thanksgiving Baskets to needy families.  The children at St. Andrew’s Preschool hold their own special Christmas collection for ECHO’s Holiday Shop. In addition, several parish members generously share their time and talents on an ongoing basis by volunteering at the ECHO facility.

Parishioners who wish to donate non-perishable food; housewares; clean, gently-used seasonal clothing; or school supplies may do so either by dropping off items at the ECHO facility in Springfield or by leaving items in our ECHO donations box located in the hallway across from the Multi-purpose Room.

Visit ECHO’s website at to explore volunteer opportunities as well as view a current list of needs and hours of operation.  

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) class meets on Tuesday Mornings from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. We follow the calendar of Fairfax County Public Schools. We observe their holidays and closings due to the weather.

Teachers conduct English classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Beginning classes work on English vocabulary and grammar. Intermediate classes include reading and conversation. Advanced classes emphasize conversational English and understanding American culture. Students may obtain application forms in the church office from August to May.

Students are asked to wear masks. COVID vaccinations are recommended. A student who is sick should not attend class.

Clases inglesas (ESOL)

Nuestra clase de inglés para hablantes de otros idiomas (ESOL) se reúne los martes por la mañana de 9:30 a 11:00. Seguimos el calendario de las escuelas públicas del condado de Fairfax. Observamos sus días festivos y cierres debido al clima.

Los profesores imparten clases de inglés para estudiantes principiantes, intermedios y avanzados. En las clases para principiantes se trabaja el vocabulario y la gramática inglesa. Las clases intermedias incluyen lectura y conversación. Las clases avanzadas enfatizan el inglés conversacional y la comprensión de la cultura americana. Los estudiantes pueden obtener formularios de solicitud en la oficina de la iglesia de agosto a mayo.

Se pide a los estudiantes que lleven máscaras. Se recomiendan las vacunas COVID. Un estudiante que esté enfermo no debe asistir a clase.

영어 수업 (ESOL)

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) 수업은 화요일 오전 9시 30분부터 11시까지 진행되며 Fairfax 카운티 공립학교 일정을 따릅니다. 우리는 그들의 휴일과 날씨로 인한 휴무를 준수합니다.

교사들은 초급, 중급, 고급 학생들을 위한 영어 수업을 진행합니다. 초급 수업은 영어 어휘와 문법을 공부합니다. 중급 수업에는 읽기와 대화가 포함됩니다. 고급 수업은 회화 영어와 미국 문화 이해를 강조합니다. 학생들은 8월부터 5월까지 교회 사무실에서 신청서를 받을 수 있습니다.

학생들은 마스크를 착용해야 합니다. 코로나 예방접종을 권장합니다. 아픈 학생은 수업에 참석해서는 안 됩니다.


يلتقي فصل اللغة الإنجليزية للمتحدثين بلغات أخرى (ESOL) يوم الثلاثاء في الصباح من الساعة 9:30 إلى 11:00 صباحًا. نتبع تقويم مدارس مقاطعة فيرفاكس العامة. نحتفل بإجازاتهم وإغلاقهم بسبب الطقس.

يقوم المعلمون بإجراء فصول اللغة الإنجليزية للطلاب المبتدئين والمتوسطين والمتقدمين. تعمل فصول البداية على مفردات اللغة الإنجليزية وقواعدها. تشمل الفصول المتوسطة القراءة والمحادثة. تركز الفصول المتقدمة على المحادثة باللغة الإنجليزية وفهم الثقافة الأمريكية. يمكن للطلاب الحصول على استمارات التقديم في مكتب الكنيسة من أغسطس إلى مايو.

يطلب من الطلاب ارتداء الأقنعة. يوصى باستخدام لقاحات COVID. لا يجوز للطالب المريض أن يحضر الفصل.


FACETS was founded in 1988 to respond to the diverse and multiple needs of homeless and low-income people living in Fairfax, Virginia.  Today, more than 95 local faith communities, as well as numerous businesses, schools, and organizations, actively serve as FACETS’ partners.

FACETS strives to build strong families and safe communities by improving the quality of life for impoverished men, women, and children who are homeless, precariously housed or living in low-income government-subsidized housing communities in Fairfax County.  Programs and services include basic needs assistance, financial assistance, counseling and outreach, educational enrichment programs, permanent supportive housing, and transitional supportive housing.

FACETS’ Hot Meals program provides nutritious meals to homeless individuals living in motels or on the streets.  Volunteers, mostly from FACETS’ faith partner communities, prepare and deliver meals every day of the year.  St. Andrew’s has teams of volunteers – about 68 individuals in all – who share the work of shopping, setting up, cooking, and delivering 100-125 meals on the first and fourth Saturdays of each month.

Our “Giving Tree” is another way in which St. Andrew’s ministers to FACETS.  Each December, FACETS’ clients provide a “wish list” of specific holiday gifts, perhaps needed items of clothing or special toys for their children.  Our parish families fill these “wishes”, leaving their wrapped gifts under the Giving Tree for delivery to FACETS families.

Additional information about FACETS and other volunteer opportunities can be found at

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