Discernment Process FAQs

Does the Diocese have a formal process to guide our church during the search process? Will the process include helping us determine our vision for the future of our church?
Yes. The Diocese has provided the Vestry a formal guide book that includes tools and resources for seeking a new priest, along with self-study questions to help us know who we’ve been, who we are, and who God is calling us to be. The Diocese will also be available to us as a consultant.

What is the time frame for the Priest-in-Charge process?
The process is normally six months or so and varies by church. The Discernment Team will lead our church in a self-study to determine our needs, our hopes and dreams. The information gathered by the Discernment Team will be the basis for the clergy search performed by the diocesan Office of Transition Ministry. The Team will interview and select the best candidate and present that candidate for the Vestry for approval.

Will all parish members be invited to participate in the parish self-study? Will the information collected by the Discernment Team be shared with the parish?
Yes. Your input is invaluable as we determine our church’s needs and requirements. There will be multiple opportunities to provide input. Survey responses are confidential and only summaries of any data collected are shared.

Will the congregation get to meet and hear from all the candidates? Will the parish see their biographies and resumes?
No. The Discernment Team will receive and review resumes and meet with the candidates. Confidentiality during the process is very important, especially because most of the clergy candidates will currently be serving a parish.

Will the congregation be kept informed of the transition progress?
Definitely, yes. The Team will use all communication channels available—verbal, written, electronic—to provide information and updates to the parish.

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